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Coverage Revealed – Executive Summary


     The Coverage Revealed – Executive Summary is designed for managers who are considering the adoption of Coverage Driven Verification for their design groups. In a step by step plan, we present the core of the verification problem, and how Coverage Revealed, used effectively, can lead to higher quality projects and highly predictable schedules.

Length: 3-4 hours

Target audience: Engineering Management staff and team leaders


  • The Verification Problem

  • Why is verification unpredictable?

  • Root-cause problems in verification planning

  • The quality/time/resources/features dilemma

  • Introduction to Coverage Driven Verification (CDV)

  • What is functional coverage

  • How does it help?

  • What are its limits

  • CDV process

  • Verification Planning for CDV

  • How to create a comprehensive list of coverage

  • How to achieve wall to wall buy-in to the process

  • 5 Keys to predictability

  • Goal definition, Tracking, Compensation, Problem Solving, Transparency

  • Management’s role in CDV projects

  • Dos and don’t for managers in CDV projects

  • What to expect from the process




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