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Length: Two and a half days

Course objectives:

Provide the participant with a working knowledge of 'e', and with the confidence needed to develop functional e-code for a verification project.

Course description:

Day 1: The course starts with a brief introduction to Specman and 'e', this is followed by a three part lecture on the 'e' programming language. During the day, several small exercises are done to familiarize the participant with the 'e' language and the Specman tool.

Day 2: Lectures on understanding how Specman works with the simulator, attachment of 'C'-code, and introduction to the large exercise. During the large exercise the participants will build a complete working environment for a small networking block with register and packet interfaces.

Day 3: Complete the exercise from day 2. Lecture on debugging and design practices

Optional: Add a session on Functional Coverage, coding and execution

Target Audience: Engineers with little or no knowledge of the 'e' programming language

The course is designed with two hands-on labs and several sessions which engage the participants in active discussion on methodology.

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