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Length: 5-7 days part-time

Course Objective:

After completing this session the engineers participating in the session will have a keen understanding functional coverage, with experience defining, coding and reviewing the coverage. In addition, and most importantly the lion's share of functional coverage for the project will be coded and able to be tracked.

Training Description:

This training and hands on session helps your group to define, review, code and start tracking your functional coverage health.

We will start with a brief introduction to the process and goals, followed by training on definition and coding. In the same day we will define names for one to two dozen coverage chapters for the current RTL design and divide amongst the engineers responsible.

In a series of individual sessions with the engineers and group review sessions we will ensure that the coverage points are defined and coded correctly. Toward the end of the session we will track a baseline for functional coverage in all the chapters that have been completed.

Note: While this session should be placed early in the design cycle (prior to RTL integration), no matter where you are in the design cycle, this session will prove invaluable in giving an accurate assessment of where you are and how much is left to go.

Target Audience: All engineers involved in the RTL design and verification, project architect, and management.


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