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The Industry's leading course in Verification Closure

Length: Three days   (On site sessions available!)

Course Objectives:

Provide the motivation, fundamentals and techniques for achieving Verification Closure with Coverage Driven Verification.

After completing this course, the participant will understand:

A. The concepts and phases involved in running a Coverage Driven Verification plan.

B. How to plan the execution of a successful and predictable Coverage Driven Verification plan.

C. Insights on the Verification flow from leading industry experience

The course provides both methodology and hands-on labs to help enhance the learning process.

Target Audience: Engineers and Managers who will be involved in the planning and execution of Coverage Driven Verification.

The course is designed with two hands-on labs and several sessions which engage the participants in active discussion on methodology.


The exercises can be done either in the 'e' language or SystemVerilog


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