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Length: 90 Minute sessions on advanced topics on 'e'

A series of lectures for experienced Specman Users on some of the intricate parts of the e-language - Given once a week for 2 months.

Course Description:

Each section focuses on a key area in the 'e' language or Specman tool where engineers frequently haven't had the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of the tool.

Topics will include the following:

Generation in 'e'

Advanced Macro Development in 'e'

The e-Debugger and gen Debugger

Packing in 'e'

Using the Coverage API

Overview of eRM Utilities

Note: Each company can choose from a list of topics the topics best suited for their engineers.

Target Audience: Specman users who have completed basic Specman training and have used Specman actively on projects.


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