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Course Description:

In a series of seminar and workshop meetings with participants from multiple groups we will discuss problems and solutions in verification. Each participant will have the opportunity to research and present topics for discussion with other peers in the industry. In addition, a complete syllabus of reading material will be provided with the course to advance the learning process.

Course Objective:

Provide resources, growth and learning opportunities in the field of verification for leaders of verification efforts.

Target Audience:

Verification Leaders and managers with 4+ years experience in design and verification

   Examples of presentations fall '09 sessions


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Quotes about the seminar:

 “Important seminar; Recommended for verification leaders, a lot to learn, it is both a knowledge provider and a motivation driver for HW verification leaders.”  - H. Miller, Freescale Semiconductor 

“It was comforting to see that many of the verification challenges we face, are shared by other groups as well.”  - D. Senderovich, Alvarion

“… Experience exchange market …”  - A. Ozband, Passave

“Join the seminar; explore new horizons in verification”  - M. Blech, Corrigent Networks

“… Where all the aces meet ...” – A. Hermony, Freescale Semiconductor

“Meet engineers with the same problems and concerns you have” – I. Nadler, Texas Instruments

“Verification core sharing”  - R. Barda, Alvarion

“A great opportunity to meet leaders in the field!”  - Amir B., Texas Instruments

“Share how verification is done in other companies the industry”  - R. Shoham, Siverge

“Enrichment and idea exchange between hardware verification leaders ”  - N. Elbaum Starcore DSP

“Verification - Quality and Efficiency”  - E. Golani, Marvell



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