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#1 in the industry for Coverage Driven Verification!

#1 in SystemVerilog support in Israel

Ace Verification provides Verification Services for ASIC and FPGA designs

For Pre-registration to "Coverage Revealed" course - Coverage Revealed

NEW: "Soft Constraints for SystemVerilog Package" is now available!  (description.pdf)

Ace Verification is a member of the Questa Vanguard Program

Ace Verification is a member of the SystemVerilog Catalyst Program

Upcoming Verification Leadership Seminars:

SAN JOSE November 2012        Information!

ISRAEL      June 2012       Information!


מהנדס וריפיקציה: אייס וריפיקיישן מספק שירותי אימות פיתוח וריפיקציה לכל סוגי התכן. למעבדים, רכיבי תקשורת, תכן לוגי, שירותי השמה ומיקור חוץ לעובדים , פיתוח חומרה, וכן הדרכה והכוונה למפתחי צ'יפים בכל רחבי הארץ. אם הינך מעוניין בתחום נא ליצור עמנו קשר.  FPGA   

System Verification Projects

Coverage Driven Verification Course
Training in SystemVerilog VMM & OVM
Advanced Technologies
DO254 Compliance
Superior Customer Service


Ace Verification News
November 1st 2011 - Ace Verification announces expansion of its domestic operations in Israel

February 2nd 2011 - Ace Verification announces the appointment of Mr. Benny Sharaby to the position of CEO

December 11th 2010 - Ace Verification releases "Soft constraints for SystemVerilog"

July 15th 2008 - Ace Verification Announces second session of it's verification engineer training program

May 29th 2010- Ace Verification Announces participation Mentor Graphic's Questa Vanguard Program

December 6, 2009 - Ace Verification Announces World-Wide Distribution of ‘Coverage Revealed’ Advanced Training in Functional Verification of RTL Designs

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