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December 1st. 2009 Ace Verification announces expansion of it's operations in Israel. As part of Ace Verification's proactive policy, Ace Verification has implemented a program to significantly reduce customer's cost by making verification services both more efficient and economical. "In times of recession it is important to find the key areas where verification can make the greatest impact on projects and focus on those areas", said Akiva Michelson, CTO of Ace Verification. In response to growing demand, and recent contracts, Ace Verification will be hiring several additional Verification engineers in Q3 of this year. 

February 15th, 2009 Ace Verification  Announces second session of it's Verification Engineer Training (VET) program. Ace Verification seeks excellent engineers with solid programming expirience who are interested in learning verification from the best teachers in the industry. Qualified candidates will learn verification and related skills in an intense three month program which will guide them through: Generation, Stimulus, Checking, Functional Coverage, SVA Assertions and Testbench development skills. The participants will become proficient in Coverage Driven Verification using advanced HVLs (High-level Verification Languages). Upon completion of the program engineers will be assigned to roles in advanced verification projects.

The training takes place at Ace Verification offices in Givat Shmuel, Israel


May 29th, 2007 Ace Verification continues to pursue excellence in methodology and training by joining the Questa Vanguard Program. By joining the program, Ace Verification will take an active role in development of technologies based on AVM and Questa platform.


PRWEB) December 6, 2006  Ace Verification Announces World-Wide Distribution of ‘Coverage Revealed’ Advanced Training in Functional Verification of RTL Designs



February 22nd, 2005 - Ace Verification's CTO publishes ground-breaking article on the importance of indicators in successful execution of predictable/quality verification projects.

To read the article:

November 26th, 2004 - Ace Verification & KT design provide advanced training to Korean Chip Designers

Seoul - With several emerging chip design groups in Korea seeking best-in-class advanced methods to accelerate and drive quality to their silicon projects, Ace Verification in cooperation with KT design have brought the "Coverage Revealed" training to the Korean Chip designers.

The training provides a guided and methodical approach to functional verification of RTL, employing the power of Coverage Driven Random Verification known to make a marked improvement on quality and predictability. 

In the first course, provided earlier this month, the response was great. The Verification engineers enjoyed the hands-on training and the clearly defined process provided in the training session. Several projects have been actively seeking to improve predictability, quality and shorten their time to market. As one of the engineers from Samsung summarized the training: "This was the first training I've seen which goes beyond buzz-words, and actually lets me see how it is done. This will make a significant impact on my project."        

For pictures from the first training: Course Photos

For more information on the training: Coverage Revealed


July 11th, 2004 - Ace Verification Announces its "Coverage Revealed" advanced course for Coverage Driven Development.

Tel-Aviv - In an industry struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of technological advances and increasing design complexity, Ace Verification has developed 'Coverage Revealed" training to drive the industry toward Quality and Timely development.

While the industry has been talking about Coverage Driven Verification for a few years, Ace Verification consultants have been performing complete coverage driven projects with first time success.

This training targets engineers and managers who need first-time on-time success in their projects.

For more information on the training: Coverage Revealed




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